Metro Police should spend less time searching for weeds on a mountain and more time dealing with real crimes

Putting aside whether or not you support the criminalization of drugs, as a resident of Las Vegas, I find it hard to believe the most urgent use of police resources is scouring Mt. Charleston in search of marijuana farms. This concept, of understanding the scarcity of resources and trade-off that is required when we pursue X over Y, is rarely discussed often enough when making a case for or against legalization.

Even if we put aside the much more important concepts of liberty and the proper role of government, it seems unlikely that even those who do support prohibition, honestly believe this is the most pressing issue that Metro PD should be dealing with given the high crime rate here in Vegas. That’s all for today, just remember to include the opportunity cost involved for X policy when you decide whether or not it is necessary. Simply demonstrating X is bad, is not sufficient to conclude it should therefore be illegal.



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