Liberals most likely to unfriend those with opposing political views

The money section from a new Pew Research study reads as follows:

Liberals are the most likely to have taken each of these steps to block, unfriend, or hide. In all, 28% of liberals have blocked, unfriended, or hidden someone on SNS because of one of these reasons, compared with 16% of conservatives and 14% of moderates.

This touches on a topic I was thinking about the other day. I get that those who identify as Progressive are generally uninterested in politics, war, and all the crap I normally post. And that's fine.

What is a bit troubling, is the tendency for these very same politically dis-interested and unaware folks, to rabidly support the very political liberal agenda.

How can you spend 99.9% of your time with zero interest in politics, economics, foreign policy, etc. but then rabidly defend Obama or any aspect of the liberal regime?

The answer that I commonly get is a regurgitation of Progressive propaganda, such as, "without government poor people would be poorer" or whatever. To which I reply, when Budweiser runs advertisements claiming that their beers have the best taste with the most hops, don't we view that claim with skepticism?

In the event we know nothing about beer and brewing, I suspect we don't make any opinion at all, or if we do it is very weak and open to being changed. Only in the event that we are deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the art of beer brewing, do we have more confidence that our opinion is, in fact, the correct one.

See what I'm driving at here?


  1. At least if you are wrong about the hops, all you'll lose are a couple of bucks for a beer. Make the wrong choice politically, and your very liberty is at stake.

  2. I loved the Budweiser analogy. I might have to reuse it.

  3. I've been thinking this for a long time. I have more liberal friends than conservative ones, and they always seem to take liberal viewpoints as givens, regardless of the rationale or evidence. Just the other day, a girl I was talking to had just been bad-mouthing public school saying she could count on one hand how many teachers actually taught her anything, but then said, "I really hope the Republicans don't win in November, because then we'll really be screwed." It was cognitive dissonance pure and simple.