As Detroit's government collapses, private police firms meet the demand for security.

Almost on cue in response to my earlier post on private police comes this story from Detroit, "911 is a Joke." As the government collapses and the people are unable to rely on the Detroit PD for protection of for 911 to provide assistance in a timely manner, two things have occured. The first is that more and more people are buying firearms and weapons for self defense, and they are using them! Self-defense related justifiable homicides are up nearly 80% over the previous year and are a whopping 2,200% higher than the national average! In addition to resorting to self-defense as means of protection, private police firms have entered Detroit to meet the demand for security, and it seems like business is booming:
The city’s wealthier enclaves have hired private security firms. Intimidating men in armored trucks patrol streets lined with gracious old homes in a scene more likely seen in Mexico City than the United States.

That kind of paid protection can run residents anywhere from $10 to $200 per month, and companies say business is good.

“We’re booming,” said Dale Brown, the owner of Threat Management Group, which along with Recon Security patrols neighborhoods like Palmer Woods in black Hummers.

Threat Management Patrol Car

And after Kevin Early found himself held up at gunpoint right in front of his home, he decided he had enough:

...he was held up at gunpoint outside his home in the upper-middle-class Rosedale Park area. Neighbors called the police, but it was 25 minutes before an officer arrived.

Weeks later, Early packed up his home and left Detroit. He hired Threat Management to supervise the move.
For more on private police see my earlier post. Be sure to click on the embedded links within for more detail and context. Additionally, Professor Bruce L. Benson has authored one of the greatest works ever written on this subject, The Enterprise of Law, that expands its scope to courts and law, as well as law enforcement. I can not recommend it highly enough!


  1. As an ancap, while it's good to see the private production of security services, I have no doubt that the the pictured security company would be fully out-competed in a free market.


    I mean, really?