We made the Sunday edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal!

A truly fantastic piece on our Ron Paul billboard project and Ron Paul generally. Check it out here!

Someone in the comments section wrote the following:

"Doesn't anyone worry about those like Fellner who "voted for Obama in 2008 and was a Democrat until he switched to the GOP so he could back Paul." Could this fervor be a ruse to dilute the GOP vote or even split the party by running third party? How does one go all the way from Democrat to Libertarian in three years."

I posted the following reply there, but the formatting in the comments section is not great and it bears repeating. My answer:

Education, commitment, and passion to the philosophy of liberty.

Four years ago I was 23. The average 23 year old, hell the average person, does not come to their political views by value-free analysis and education. They tend to just adopt the views of those around them (family, friends etc) without really analyzing why. 

When I was exposed to Ron Paul around the age of 23 I began to analyze and think deeply about politics and political theory in general. I no longer simply adopted the views told to me by my teachers, friends, news media, etc.

I researched and studied the philosophy of liberty as well as economics. Once you undergo this process, liberty grabs a hold of you. You realize that you have been lied to. You realize the answers are there if people could just become awakened to grasp them. A fervent passion develops. I have no idea what you are talking about by being a "ruse to split the vote or the gop" and so on. I am voting for liberty.

If my transformation in 4 years is hard to believe, your head would probably explode if I introduced you to PhD educated, wealthy, middle-aged businessmen who 18 months ago were socialist-progressive and after daily emails from yours truly, are all libertarian Ron Paul supporters.

You may think 3-4 years is too short to change your mind; I think 3-4 days is far too long to remain trapped in a false ideology once you have been exposed to sound economics and the philosophy of liberty!


  1. If you only learned one fact every day for four years, you'd learn 1460 facts. That's a lot of facts to help you form an opinion, even if it greatly differs from your current one.

    But when you make that transition into libertarianism, you can't help but become obsessed. You don't learn one fact a day. You read 10 articles on mises.org and lewrockwell.com a day.

    Three to four years seems a bit long. It seems Mr. Fellner here took a little while to pick up on some of the principles. ;)

  2. @michael - dude, is the need to be obnoxious "it seems here..." really needed. Tired of the know it alls, party notwithstanding.

    @robert - keep on keepin on like mc lyte my broseph!

  3. bobbygjones,

    Don't hate on Michael, he's my buddy! His comment was in jest!

  4. THere are many reasons why I am supporting Ron Paul. But the main fact that sealed the deal for me was when i learned that the troops support Ron Paul. His largest contributor is the US Air Force. Americans love to say "I support the troops", however they aren't all voting for Veteran Ron Paul. It's easy for us to sit on our couch after dinner and watch the wars on TV. But the troops are the experts on foreign policy and they agree with Dr. Paul. I support the troops. And i support Ron Paul.

  5. God Bless You Robert and a job well done our friend in liberty. Thank you.

  6. I am 51 years old and used to watch Fox News 3-6 hours a day. I felt I was the most informed man on my block, that was until I was exposed to Ron Paul. Now, looking back on it, I can believe how I was so easily taught to follow the party line. Not any more, I am a devoted Ron Paul supporter who served in the US Army for over 23 years. These insane lunatics who have not looked down at a young 3-4 year old with no jaw or legs have no idea what war is all about.

    We now live in a Country that is Bankrupted and Dr. Paul is trying to save this Country, so many good young men have been woke up and are now the future Ron Paul's of our Country. God Bless this young man for his willingness to reach out for the truth.

    I will be voting for Ron Paul too. It is hard to believe I used to be such a Bill Clinton supporter and George Bush supporter. It was so easy to get me to believe what I was fed on TV. Not any more. I think for myself now and that is why Ron Paul is who I will for for as my next President.

  7. I was a "republican" because my parents raised me to be a republican. I voted for Bush both times just because he was a republican.

    I wish I, and all the others, hadn't.

    He's a criminal and a killer. But, if you get all your news from the tv, that's not what you think. That's the kind of brainwashing you get from the media.

    I first heard RP in 1988, and I thought he made a lot of sense, but at the time I was not much into politics. I didn't hear about him again until 2007 when he was running for the republican nomination. I only had to hear ONE SPEECH and I realized something...


    Up until then, even with Bush, I could tell that all politicians were panderers and liars. Of course, you always hear that anyway, so I figured it just came with the job. You have to appeal to many people so you say what you need to say in order to do that.

    Ron Paul was different.

    I could tell right off the bat that he wasn't saying what he was saying to get my vote. He didn't care if I agreed with him. This fascinated me. Even though I DID disagree with a lot of what he was saying (at the time), I was hooked. I started reading everything he had written. I started looking up his youtubes... and I realized... I have been duped by all the liars all these years.

    Slowly but surely I realized...

    Ron Paul is the man.

  8. Good job Fellner...never heard of you but I'm glad you're there. Keep up the good work!

  9. Fellner, you're a feller. Keep fellowing. RP, 2012

  10. Thanks for the all the kind words guys.

    Bill and David Infinger - your stories are very inspiring and give me hope that we can reach many more people. Thank you so much for sharing!