Help buy a billboard for Ron Paul in Las Vegas!

12/4/11: Success!! We have reached our goal! Thank you all who have donated!!

12/13/11: Updated information on this project can be found here: http://robertfellner.blogspot.com/2011/12/ron-paul-billboard-is-up.html

This billboard:

Is going here:

Get ready to see this billboard on Main Street Las Vegas for 2 months!

I live in downtown Las Vegas and this is the Charleston Blvd and Main Street intersection here in Las Vegas. I drive past it very often and can personally attest that it receives a tremendous amount of traffic. Moreover this particular billboard is illuminated at night and is by far the most visible in the area. You can clearly see it from multiple angles of the intersection.

The billboard reads "The only candidate who predicted the economic crisis is the only one who can fix it." It can be seen more clearly here: http://www.revolutionpac.com/actions/. I am working with The Revolution Pac to tweak it so that it reflects the appropriate information for the Nevada Caucus date of Feb 4th.

I think this is a good idea for a few reasons. Obviously more exposure and advertising for Ron Paul is always a great thing. I particularly think focusing on his successful prediction of the housing crisis, his deep understanding of it, and consequently his ability to fix it, is very important in Las Vegas. As everyone knows, Las Vegas was hit harder than any other city in the country by the housing collapse. Our economy is in terrible shape. Voters here are naturally going to care about these issues significantly more-so than normal and as such it seems a perfect fit to highlight Ron Paul's unique skills and advantages to them in this area.

Ok so now down to brass tax. Ideally I would like to have this billboard up starting Dec. 12th until Feb. 6 (caucus is on Feb 4). The cost to rent the billboard is $1440 per 4 week period. Thus this would cost $2880. However there is also a $600 production cost plus tax ($48.60) which results in a total cost of $3530. I will donate $1030 myself and am seeking the additional $2500 from my fellow Ron Paul supporters to make this happen. Obviously more money would be great and could mean more billboard locations. In the unfortunate event I fail to raise the additional $2500, I will hopefully be able to at least raise $1k so that I can get the billboard for the 4 weeks right before the caucus.

In the event I raise more money than needed to cover the costs, but less than required to buy additional billboards, (so say we raise $2600, surplus would be $100) all those proceeds would be donated to the Revolution Pac. More info on them can be found at www.revolutionpac.com.

I am working with members of The Revolution Pac on this project, but I am not directly related or affiliated with them. Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at robfellner@gmail.com. Please spread the word and/or donate today! Obviously there is only a small window of time to complete this in, so time is of the essence! Thank you.

WE did it!!

Update (12/4/11) - We have moved the target date up to Monday 12/5/11! We currently need to raise $2100 $1230 more. Please share this and donate as much as you can so we don't lose out on this amazing opportunity! Again, if we don't raise the money soon enough, we will lose out on this amazing location for the Ron Paul billboard.

If you do not want your name displayed, please indicate that in the comments section of the donation form!

Jon-Paul Francini - Ramsey, NJ
MME Holdings Ltd. - Henderson, NV
Black and Blue LLC - Glenville, NY (3X!)
Elaine Smith - Prairie City, OR
Vincent Palmeri - Las Vegas, NV
Linda Vulovic - Belle Mead, NJ
Veloflyte Inc - San Jose, CA
Hak Soo Kim - San Jose, CA
Jim Lodwick - Austin, TX
The VegasPatriot - Las Vegas, NV
Charles Crenshaw - Evansville, IN
Alice Hewey - Hannawa Falls, NY
Karl Mascak - Seville, OH
William Arluck - Bayside, NY
Harris Kirk - Richmond, VA
Valdez Heli-Camps - Valdez, AK
Ryan Treat -  Grovetown, GA
Michael Bober - Leominster, MA
Mike Descarfino - Brooklyn, NY
Justin Kerenyi - Atlanta, GA
Jeffrey Wyatt - Las Vegas, NV
Sylvain Anichini - Andover, NJ
Matthew Ciofani - Charleston, SC
Nick McKeldin - Las Vegas, NV
Ashley Pouryamini - Fullerton, CA
And several more donors who wished to remain anonymous! If you would like me to remove your name from the above list now that we have reached our goal, please email me at robfellner@gmail.com!


  1. Grim....DONT GIVE UP !!!

    Please contact the good people at DailyPaul and just figure out what the problem is..then make your post and get this project up and running !!!

    You can Count me IN...and im sure there are many more who will be right behind me.



  2. Thanks bud! Just got it up on the dailypaul.com please vote for it and donate if you can! Thanks again!


  3. I'm spreading this everywhere...hope you get lots of money to do this....great idea! :)

  4. You need to put up a date next to the amount of donation needed remaining so people feel better giving you money. Also, it would be a good idea to have a short list of all the donations. TRANSPARENCY is the key word here my friend. Give people reasons to trust you. Then they will donate money like I have.

  5. Ok good points, I'll work on that right now.

  6. This is excellent! Not to be discouraging at all, but the grammar nazi in me requires that I point out that the comma is unnecessary (and technically incorrect). It might indicate the pause that would likely be there if it were read aloud for effect, but the sentence by itself doesn't need it. I think the line break does a suitable job of highlighting the "predict/fix" juxtaposition. Would you consider changing it to satisfy the grammatical purists who might cringe at an otherwise awesome billboard?

  7. Jeff do not read any of my other blog posts - my grammar is awful! I will try and remove comma.

  8. Comma or not, this is a great idea. I already donated, but wanted to ask, did you post this at RonPaulForums.com?

    That's a fairly well trafficked site, and a lot of grassroots projects take off from there.

  9. Yes I posted it on RonPaulforums.com a few days ago. Some guy chimed in on how terrible billboards are and the most important thing to do is phone banking and then the thread died!


  10. Jeff,

    That comma has much clout around these parts, perhaps if you came back with your friends Andrew Jackson and George Washington we could work something out...

  11. I'll go bump it up by kicking his sorry ass. :)

  12. I can't find the thread on RP forums. Was it in grassroots central? What was the title?

  13. Here is the link:


  14. Thanks! I bumped it up, and it looks like the naysayer has been banned.

    Have you seen the post by vegas patriot offering $500 in cash for the project?

  15. Just private messaged him. If he murders me I'm going to be so mad at you...

  16. LMAO!!!

    Just meet at a public place... maybe something like a police station. :)

  17. Just got you another $125 from a guy in Texas. I posted a thread on the forum at the site I linked to with my name here.

  18. LMAO! I am not a murdered, signed Zodiac killer err VegasPatriot. I sent you my phone number, give me a call when you have a chance so I can get you the $500.


  19. 20 bucks just for taking the initiative... Good Work

  20. This is awesome!! As a Vegas local I will go out of my way just to see this billboard. So many people will see this at the location you have picked out. It's a very busy intersection and anytime I'm stuck at the lights in the horrible traffic I always read billboards. Great idea!! Also, have you thought about posting this on the local Meetup group for Ron Paul. They are located out of Henderson and you may get some good feedback from them as well. Just an idea!

  21. It's a great idea. I do have one suggestion tell them to though. Don't put the caucus info on there. Instead, tell them to register Republican and possibly give them the campaign contact info. The reason I say this, is because that's a call/reminder for all non supporters to show up and vote as well. The campaign is very organized, and they will make sure people will show up. The one most important part is getting his supporters to register Republican, because without that, they could all show up and would not be able to vote. I am volunteering for the campaign- you wouldn't believe how many people either don't know that you have to be registered, or forgot to do so. Thank you for what you are doing.

  22. "comma, comma, comma, comma chameleon"....sorry, had to :-)

  23. By my tally, you just raised another $830 on this thread ( http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?334606-Only-1000-needed-to-make-downtown-Las-Vegas-Billboard-a-reality! ) at Ron Paul Forums. :D

  24. Wow..Grim !!!

    You guys got this thing up and running so fast I didnt even have a chance to join in !!!!

    I feel so left out !!!!!

    Well how about another Bill Board??? Do you know another one someplace that would be a Great spot????

    Let me know please!!

  25. We reached our goal! Thank you so much to all who donated.

    The comma will be removed!

    Regarding telling them to register Republican - I agree with you! However, billboards are not for education. They are for name recognition and to promote awareness. My goal is to get people thinking about Ron Paul, especially on his economic strengths!

    I think it would be fantastic if someone created a website that addressed the switching registration to republican concept. I do not think that idea can be effectively conveyed on a billboard.

    To the last Anon poster. I am donating $1k of my own money to this thing so if you really want to contribute you could still donate and I could only donate $1k minus whatever you wanted to give! :-)

  26. Also, to answer your question there are more billboard locations. I will look into how much more would cost, but more importantly whether the community feels another one is a good idea or not. So if anyone else thinks we should go for another location, please comment here or email me. Thanks again so much guys! I will post updates on this blog and a video of billboard when it is up!

    Seriously, Ron Paul grassroots people rock so hard.

  27. "I think it would be fantastic if someone created a website that addressed the switching registration to republican concept."

    I have a dedicated server and will host it for free if someone wants to jump on this idea. I did something like this in 07 but I honestly don't have too much time on my hands these days.

  28. This billboard looks GREAT!
    Please consider making the letters bigger and leaving off the symbol in the middle. If you put:"In the Nevada Caucus Feb. 4th 2012" all on one straight line...it would create more room to increase the letter sizes. Seems like larger letters and less background would be more visible. Just an opinion from a former billboard designer! Thanks.

  29. I am working hard with my graphics guy to take in all the feedback here, especially the part about adding "register republican". I will try and do the best I can at making everyone happy. Will keep you posted!

  30. Yes more Bill Boards would be GREAT !!!

    Lets Do this!

  31. Robert,
    As a marketer I think a call to action is important in any advertising. I might suggest putting a small text statement in the lower left corner that says something like:
    "Learn more" with a short URL link to your blog.
    OR it could say "Support this sign" or "Privately funded by people like you!", something to this effect.

    The story of a privately funded and organized effort like this may be compelling to some. It may set you up to fund this after the caucus or develop interest in funding additional signs even as has been suggested by some here if you are interested.

    Again, this can be very small and unobtrusive to the main visual and message of the piece.
    You are just offering something more on the sign to the person who has seen the sign many times and is observant enough to see the invitation. Someone who may be thinking about the Paul message but needs an easy entry point to learn more.

    Just some thoughts as I see this is not a set design yet. Did you consult the campaign at all on the message?