Troy Davis was just murdered by the U.S. legal system

For a crime that there was no physical evidence connecting him to. None. The outrage over this and documentation of the complete failure of the U.S. legal system to provide any sense of justice or any attempt at using the death penalty in only the most concrete cases has been well documented elsewhere. Here is the New York Times piece: A Grievous Wrong and Time Magazine. There are many other articles from many different sources from all over the political spectrum that document this atrocity as a quick Google search will certainly reveal.

The legal system doesn't work. This is one brutal and tragic example of that. The fact that such mainstream outlets as the New York Times and Time Magazine are able to recognize that "the safety valves failed" and other fundamental failures of the legal system to prevent the death penalty from being used in cases like this, should speak volumes about how obvious and fundamental the failure in our legal system is. This man was sent to death with no evidence at all. Just 9 eyewitness testimony. 7 of whom have since recanted saying they were wrong. 3 of the juries who voted guilty have since said they were wrong and would vote not guilty. Yet Troy Davis was murdered anyway.

I know for most people envisioning a system of law without government is basically impossible. I urge you and implore you out of compassion and basic human decency to recognize the abomination and violation of human life that the current U.S. legal system is. Surely stopping this must come first. I get the unknown is scary, but if nothing else this must stop. Destroying this life-ruining, inhumane, abomination of "justice" must come first, let the chips fall where they may. How could it be worse than this? And in fact, if one wishes to learn, it won't be worse. It will be infinitely better. As it was for thousands of years before government infringed on the legal system that served mankind splendidly for all of recorded human history, for the express purpose of generating additional revenue. Madness you say? Don't take my word for it, I beseech thee to seek out the real experts.

One such expert is the DeVoe Moore Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at Florida State University Bruce L. Benson. His masterpiece, The Enterprise of Law, will show you what law used to look like, why government provided law will always be less than optimal (to put it mildly) and what alternatives look like and how we can get there. If anyone is seriously interested in educating themselves and fighting for a truly just and humane system, send me an email with your mailing address and I will gladly purchase a copy of this book for you. 

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