Learn Liberty!

This website is absolutely amazing. Totally free to use, clean and easy interface, and information on a massive array of important topics. This is the perfect resource for the aspiring libertarian. You can study as much or as little as you like. There are no time limits or limits of any kind. Most of the lessons are basic and no prior education is required. I can not recommend this highly enough! www.learnliberty.org
 Each lesson contains the following elements:
  • A LearnLiberty short video explaining the concept
  • Suggested resources for delving deeper into the topic
  • Questions to enhance your understanding
  • A discussion area to share your insights and ask questions
Each lesson takes about 10 minutes to complete. In only a short amount of time, you can improve your understanding of liberty and figure out where you can learn more.

It is truly breathtaking to see the internet-led revolution of education. It is especially delightful to see the ultimate form of the free market as manifested by the internet, be the same driving force for increasing the reach and spreading the ideas of liberty worldwide! 
Sign up for free in in less than 1 minute and check out the college level education you can get totally free and on your own time today! http://www.learnliberty.org/libertyacademy

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