Cheating in online poker

Just got email from Full Tilt Poker notifying me they will be sending me a refund for xxx dollars because they determined some of the opponents I had played against were cheating. They further stated the cheating accounts had 100% of their money seized, accounts closed, lifetime banned, and in the event they not enough money was found in the cheaters account to fully compensate all the victims, FTP would do so out of their pocket.

Wait a minute but there is no government regulation agency using a gun to force them to do this, so therefore this story could not possibly be true! For if it were and private firms were capable of operating in such a manner to best satisfy all of the consumers wants as a result of free market forces, then what again is the justification for government imposed regulations backed by the threat of force and violence? And the justification for government's role in....scary independent thought lies ahead of this train, be warned!

PS. I actually have been winning on FTP recently and had no idea I had been cheated at any point until today when I received a nice check in the mail from FTP themselves! Feels like Christmas or whatever the equivalent of that is for a devout anarchist like myself!

PPS. Hi from Costa Rica!