Are today's democrats simply totalitarians in disguise?

Before I knew anything about political theory, political history, economic theory, economic history, monetarism, and finance/banking, I considered myself a democrat for no other reason than because my parents and family were. Also during the only years I was even remotely interested in politics happened to coincide with the 8 years of the Bush presidency. As such I enjoyed watching Real Time w/ Bill Maher because I thought, and still think, hes a pretty smart guy who would call out Bush on all his warmongering and deficit spending while doing so in a funny and entertaining manner.

I'm watching an episode right now, and its unfortunate that one of my favorite television shows has become a source of irritation and something I literally can no longer even sit through as a result of my recent education in the aforementioned subjects. Anyways I want to quote something he said that I believe is a fairly accurate representation of the mindset behind the modern liberal viewpoint.

Bill Maher: "Michael, you are a champion of the people. Yet, before your film premiered the majority of people supported the public option for health care. Now several months later, an overwhelming majority of the people oppose it. So what do you do when the people don't want what's good for them?"

The great irony and tragedy for someone like myself observing this process is that those on the left whom feel this way and are genuinely more intelligent than the "people" they are planning for, are making decisions in fields where despite their intellectual superiority as a whole, they are just as ignorant of as the common people they view as so beneath them.

So to be clear as to what I am saying. I think the modern left are nothing but closeted totalitarians whom believe in democracy and "representatives" as long as those in power act to use their power to subject the minority and people as a whole to their personal vision of what is best. I think there is a tragic error amongst those intellectuals whom believe their overall higher level of intelligence is in some way a legitimate foundation to make decisions on subject matters and in fields in which they are either totally ignorant of or horribly misinformed.

So this leaves me sitting on my couch watching Bill Maher and his guests lament over the present condition of how people are too stupid to understand what is good for them. And I remember identifying with them, because they talked like I did, they were intelligent, and it was fun being in the cool guys club of being a smart person in a country of dolts. Now its just so painfully bizarre to watch the intellectuals bemoan about how the people are too stupid to know what's good for them, and yet their total ignorance on the topics they are discussing leaves them with an apparently obvious solution that in reality is more destructive than the problem they are trying to cure.

Not to mention the slight moral and ethical problem that comes with being a totalitarian and deciding what is in the best interest of other people. The level of hypocrisy associated with such actions while claiming to be supporters of a system of democracy or the fallacy of political representation is also particularly impressive.

Haha, a guest just said to Bill Maher, "ya, but if everyone pulled their money out of the big banks at the same time, all the banks would fail." Bill Maher, "Really?"

Yes Bill, really. If you are going to lecture on how the government needs to regulate the banks more, and the bailouts were necessary, but the banks should just be less greedy and all the other fairly tales people talk about when discussing banking. It may be helpful to try and learn the basics and fundamentals of the system of banking we use. Hint: it is fractional reserve banking. Read for a day or two. Now you see that literally all banks under the current government mandated system of banking are insolvent. All banks are insolvent. All of them. How would one get the mighty too big to fail banks to go belly up? By having the depositors of the banks ask for their money back! What a sinister and evil plot?!

Maybe the problem is not that banks will fail if people ask for their money back, but I dunno maybe the fact that the banks don't have their customers money and print money out of thin air? Maybe, just maybe....Nah I'm just a nut job I'm sure there's nothing sinister about that process. I'm sure like all other modern governmental creations, central banking and fractional reserve banking was designed by a large group of enormously altruistic bankers to help the lower and middle class avoid the dreaded liquidity trap! Yup, that makes so much sense...