"Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito."

Mises would be proud, Congressman Paul. For 26 years his request for a hearing on the Federal Reserve was denied and buried in the corruption-laden bureaucratic abortion of a republic that is the United States Congress. Today with a mind blowing 295 co-sponsors of the bill, he gets his hearing. Few men could persevere so vigilantly for 26 long and lonely years with no end in sight, we owe much to the heroism of Ron Paul.

Feel free to watch only the first five minutes of the hearing below to verify my accusations of deliberate manipulation to deny Ron Paul his hearing, as explained by Chairman Rep. Barney Frank.
House Financial Services Cmte. Hearing on Regulatory Overhaul

Afterthought. There is this illusion of representation or power that the citizen has over his government under democracy. Obviously this is a horribly mistaken concept and has been dis-proven quite thoroughly in a variety of forms, perhaps best in Democracy: The God That Failed by Hans Herman Hoppe PhD. However, even if one is not familiar with such concepts, if an elected official, such as Congressman Ron Paul can be so completely ignored for 26 years, how effective really is this concept of political representation for those of us whom aren't in Congress?

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