Schools Kill Creativity

My wonderful friend Jenna shared this video with me and I wanted to post it here because I feel it is of monumental importance.

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  1. This is an extremely accurate analysis of children, parents, teachers and school systems existing today. The simplicity of the topic is the unbound and endless potential humans have for creativity and uniqueness; that is until it is driven out of us by self-indulged, for lack of other words, ‘square’ teachers. Like most policies and systems involving nationalized programs, they have gone unchanged for far too long. The speaker is right when he states that national education systems were once geared towards producing literate, mathematically capable workers. And that's it!

    On the subject of credentialism, that is the emphasis placed on what "credentials" an applicant possesses when applying for a job, is rising. We can all think of some elderly people we know who didn't go to college. Not only was it expensive and meant for elite, it was also not required for such simplistic jobs such as working in factories or small shops, or from home. I am not saying these jobs are brainless, merely on the simpler side. And in these times, it was common for people to be married by the age of 20, another demographic which is quite different today. But currently, students are going to college, and often grad school, and it is still difficult to land jobs they have their eyes set on. (This is without mention of the astronomical costs of Universities today, thanks to our unhealthy government and its tendency to loan more money than it can every dream of having, as highlighted by GrimHogun in his many writings and public appearances).

    I also agree with the speaker’s views on ADD/ADHD. To place young children on such medication as exists today is to permanently put a large wall between specific parts of their brain which inspire, again, uniqueness and creativity.

    Overall I am a fan of this point of view and this blog which hosts it. Cheers - JPMF